In my first post I introduced my Buckle ancestors:

Norman Buckle 1924 – 1978.

Sidney Henry Buckle 1881 – 1969.

John Henry Buckle 1852 – 1933.

Christopher Buckle 1821 – 1896.

John Buckle born 1789.

Christopher Buckle born 1745.

Christopher Buckle born about 1712.

Let’s put some faces to the names

Dad NORMAN BUCKLE 1924 – 1978

This photo was taken in 1954. I’m the child on the left with the teddy bear. My dad had a new job and we’d moved to Kettlethorpe near Wakefield in Yorkshire.

Buckle family history

Grandad SIDNEY HENRY BUCKLE 1881 – 1969

and Norman Buckle

I think this photo was taken in about 1937. My dad’s auntie had a guesthouse in Blackpool and I’m guessing this is where they might have gone for a holiday. Sidney Henry was about 5′ 4″ in height and my dad soon towered above him at 6′ 1″ when he was at his full height.

Buckle family history
Norman (right) and Sidney Henry on holiday in Blackpool about 1936

Great Grandfather JOHN HENRY BUCKLE 1852 – 1933

I found this photo in an old newspaper. John Henry Buckle is the person in the centre of the photo holding the flag.Taken in 1917, the photo records an event in Royston, Yorkshire to honour a young man of the village who was a First World War hero. John Henry Buckle was very involved in civic duties and on this occasion made a speech praising the young soldier for his valour.

Buckle family history
John Henry Buckle (centre holding flag) greets a war hero.

Great Great Grandfather CHRISTOPHER BUCKLE 1821 – 1896

This is one of my most treasured possessions. As the keeper of my family’s history I value this photo of the Buckles and am trying to keep it safe for future generations. Unlike most old photos, this one has the surname pencilled on the reverse, possibly by the photographer. John Henry Buckle is easily recognisable on the right of the photo. I am sure that the couple seated in the centre of the photo are Christopher Buckle and his wife Harriet. John Henry’s hand position looks affectionate towards his mother and I wonder if the boy on the left is John Henry’s son, Sidney Henry.

Buckle family history
Christopher Buckle (seated left)

That’s as far back as I can go in my family history in photos. Hope you enjoyed reading the next instalment of the story of the Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston.

P.S. If the alignment of these photos and text is somewhat askew, apologies. Since I last had a WordPress blog there have been lots of changes to using the site which I’m finding a little challenging!