The Buckles in my family tree originated from Pickhill in Yorkshire.

Pickhill is a village in North Yorkshire about thirty miles north of York and six miles west of Thirsk.

Pickhill, Yorkshire

My earliest known Buckle ancestor is Christopher Buckle born in 1712. He met Margaret Cook and in 1731 they were married in Pickhill, presumably at the parish church of All Saints.

There’s a Methodist chapel in Pickhill which is marked on an old map of 1852 but this wouldn’t have been built in 1731 when Christopher and Margaret were married. (John Wesley opened his first chapel in London in 1778.)

Pickhill certainly appears to be a pretty village. It’s on my bucket list for a visit!

The font in All Saints church, Pickhill

The parish church in Pickhill was built in the 12th century. It’s a Grade II listed building and has been rebuilt several times. The font is believed to be 17th century and some of my ancestors were baptised in it.

My branch of the Buckles lived in Pickhill and a couple of nearby villages until the mid 19th century. Then my great, great grandfather, Christopher Buckle, packed up and re-located to Harthill in South Yorkshire.