My great, great, great, great, great grandparents were married in All Saints Church, Pickhill, Yorkshire.

The parish register records the marriage on 20th April, 1737.

I doubt very much that the bride had a dress as fine as this one for the occasion. Or this fabulous display, also labelled 1737. In fact, marriages were not such a big deal for the working class in those days. Some of my ancestors even had to marry on Boxing Day when they had a day off work.

In due course, Christopher and Margaret had two children:

Mary Buckle baptised in the parish church on 11th April 1739


Christopher Buckle baptised on 15th February 1746.

Whether or not Christopher and Margaret lived happily ever after, I don’t know. Sources of further information don’t appear to be available.

However, while searching Ancestry and Find My Past, I found some more Buckles in Pickhill born around the same time as Christopher and Margaret’s children. I haven’t been able to figure out how they fit into my family tree but I’m sure they must be distant relatives.

There’s John Buckle born in 1838. His mother was a servant named Mary Buckle and presumably unmarried.

And there’s Jane Buckle also born in 1838. Her father was a labourer named William Buckle. Presumably an agricultural labourer.

View through the Pickhill church gate

Pickhill looks like a very pleasant place, doesn’t it? Must definitely try and visit the churchyard for a spot of ancestor hunting.