My great, great, great, great grandfather

The Pickhill parish records show that Christopher was baptised on February 15th 1746. His father was Christopher Buckle who lived at Sinderby, a small village in the Pickhill parish. Sinderby is just over a mile from Pickhill. Christopher’s mother was Margaret Buckle (Cook).

For context:

When Christopher was born, the monarch was George II. The Battle of Culloden was fought a couple of months later in April 1746 and Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped to the Isle of Skye with Flora Macdonald.

Studio of Charles Jervas [Public domain] WikiCommons

I haven’t been able to find out anything about Christopher until 1772 when he married Dorothy Binham. And here’s something!

The banns of marriage were signed by both Christopher and his intended with a cross. They made their mark. They were illiterate.

And both Christopher and his fiancée lived in Wath about five miles south of Pickhill.

In 1772 it would have been straightforward to drive to Wath from Pickhill. Now it might be a bit more tricky as the A1 motorway section has been built between the two villages.

So, on 14 December 1772, my 4X great grandfather Christopher Buckle was married to Dorothy Binham.