My 4X great grandparents, Christopher and Dorothy Buckle had nine children.

Christopher Buckle died 1774

Christopher and Dorothy were married in 1772 and presumably their first child Christopher was born soon afterwards. Sadly, the baby died and was buried in the churchyard at Wath parish church on 14th March 1774.

Christopher Buckle born 1775

A second son was born soon after the death of Christopher. He too was named Christopher and he was baptised in the parish church at Wath on 10th January 1775.

Elizabeth Buckle born 1777

A daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1777 and baptised on 10th August that year at St Mary’s, Wath.

Dorothy Buckle born 1780

Dorothy was born on 28th January 1780 and baptised in the parish church the following day.

Margaret Buckle 1782 – 1802

Margaret was born on 23rd September 1782 and baptised four days later at St Mary’s.

Unfortunately, Margaret died in 1802 and was buried in the Wath churchyard on 17th January 1802.

William Buckle 1784 – 1785

William was born on 2nd December 1784. He wasn’t baptised until 1st March 1785. This was just before he died so presumably he’d been too ill since birth to be taken to church. William was buried in St Mary’s churchyard on 2nd March 1785.

Mary Buckle 1786 – 1803

Mary was baptised in the parish church on 6th March 1786. Unfortunately she died in 1803 and was buried in the churchyard at St Mary’s on 4th September 1803.

John Buckle born 1789

John Buckle was baptised on 3rd January 1789 at St Mary’s.

John is my 3X Great Grandfather.

Born in the same year that the French revolution commenced.

George III was the British monarch and William Pitt the Younger was Prime Minister.

And Fletcher Christian lead the Mutiny on The Bounty.

Anne Buckle born 1791

Anne Buckle was the youngest of my 4X Great Grandparents’ children. She was baptised at St Mary’s on 29th May 1791.

Next step – to find out more about the lives of all Christopher and Dorothy’s surviving children.