It’s about ten days since I began writing the story of the Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston. And I’ve finished my 4X and 5X Great Grandparents, their siblings and children.

Although there’s much more information on-line for 18th century ancestors than a few years ago when I was first researching, it’s still fairly scant. Names; dates of birth, marriage and death; names of siblings and children; places of birth, marriages and death. And that’s about it. No census data so no information about occupations.

However, I’ve got a broad outline of when and where my ancestors lived. And, I’ve a comprehensive list of graves to look for in the churchyards of Pickhill, Wath and Well.

It’s only about seventy miles to Pickhill from where I live now. So, I’m going to make a big effort to get over there for some serious ancestor hunting. The difficulty is fitting visits into my chemotherapy cycle. I have cancer treatment for three days every two weeks. Each treatment needs two or three days for recovery which only leaves a few days to do all the everyday things that everyone has to fit in. So the time available for outings is somewhat curtailed.

Anyway, if I get over there I’m looking for:

Christopher Buckle born 1712

Margaret Buckle born 1713

Christopher Buckle born 1746

Dorothy Buckle

Mary Buckle born 1739

I’ve been ancestor hunting in graveyards on two previous occasions. The first time was in Debenham in Suffolk looking for Gooding ancestors who are in my maternal grandfather’s branch of our family tree. We found two early / mid nineteenth century Goodings who had a direct connection to our tree and a couple of others with more tenuous links. The second time was in the cemetery in Royston, South Yorkshire. And there we found my great grandfather, John Henry Buckle 1851 – 1933 and his second wife. We’re hoping to visit another cemetery where several of my husband Michael’s ancestors are buried. We’ve already seen photos on the Find a Grave website but it will be interesting to see the headstones in real life.

I’m moving on to the 3X Great Grandparents generation of Buckles next. I’ve identified my great, great, great grandfather, John Buckle 1789 – 1836 and his wife Hannah Dobby 1787 – 1841 but I’m searching for more information about them and their siblings. Fingers crossed!