My 3X Great Grandfather

My great, great, great grandfather, John Buckle, was born in Wath, North Yorkshire in 1788/9. His parents were Christopher and Dorothy Buckle and John had eight siblings.

John was baptised at St Mary’s Church, Wath on 3rd January 1789.

There’s some information about the history of Wath on the Genuki website.

There are two interesting photos relevant to John’s baptism on Genuki. One shows the font inside the church and a second is the font outside the church. The outside font appears to be older so maybe this was the one used for John’s baptism. And presumably it was replaced by the font which is now inside the church. And the old one was dumped outside.

The Brigantes Nation website has a photo of the old font outside and suggests that it’s Saxon. But this suggestion infers considerable scepticism.

There’s a list of vicars on the Genuki website which records that John Buckle would have been baptised by Rev’d Jonathan Lipiatt.

John met Hannah Dobby who lived in the neighbouring village of Well. They were married on 25th November 1811 in the parish church at Well.

By the time of the birth of their first child in 1813, John and Hannah had moved to live in Pickhill just a few miles away from both Wath and Well.

John and Hannah had eight children: three boys and five girls. All their children were born in Pickhill and the neighbouring village of Sinderby which was part of the Pickhill parish.

My 3X Great Grandfather, John Buckle, died in 1836. He was buried in the churchyard of All Saints church, Pickhill on 10th August 1836.