My 3X Great Grandmother

Hannah Dobby, my 3X great grandmother, was married to John Buckle in 1811. The marriage took place in the parish church of Well in North Yorkshire just a couple of miles from the village of Wath where John lived.

Hannah was born in Well and baptised at the parish church on 9th January 1787. Her father (and my 4X great grandfather) was John Dobby.

Hannah and John were married in St Michael’s parish church, Well on 25th November 1811.

The 1811 census

As an aside, here’s something about 1811. I’ve always thought the first census was conducted in 1841. Purely because that’s the earliest census data that can be interrogated on-line. But actually the information for the first census was collected in 1801.

And the year in which my 3X Great Grandparents were married was the year of the second census.

The second census of Great Britain (that is England, Scotland and Wales) was taken on Monday 27th May 1811. The returns gave a population of 12.6 million people, an increase of 1.6 million over 1801.

The official census was simply a count under various headings for each parish, township, or place so in terms of information on individuals or households, it doesn’t exist.

But the “unofficial” documents produced by those doing the count have survived in some areas and can been found in local authority libraries and archives. Some have also been transcribed by local Family History societies.

There’s some interesting information about the history of the census on the Vision of Britain website.

After their marriage, Hannah and John went to live in Pickhill.

Their first child, William Buckle, was born in 1813 in Pickhill. Hannah and John had eight children – three boys and five girls. All their children were baptised in the parish of Pickhill although some of them were born in the neighbouring village of Sinderby.

John died in 1836 and was buried in the churchyard at All Saints, Pickhill.

Hannah continued to live at Sinderby and she is recorded on the 1841 census as being the head of her household and a widow. She also had the care of her grandson, John Buckle, who was about three years old at the time.

Later that year, my 3X Great Grandmother, Hannah Buckle, also died. She was buried in the churchyard at All Saints, Pickhill on 26 December 1841.