My 3X Great Grandparents, John and Hannah Buckle, had eight children.

  • William Buckle born in 1813
  • Hannah Buckle born in 1815
  • Mary Buckle born in 1817
  • John Buckle born in 1819
  • Christopher Buckle born in 1822
  • Elizabeth Buckle born in 1825
  • Ann Buckle born in 1827
  • Dorothy Buckle born in 1830

Christopher Buckle born in 1822 was my great, great grandfather.

All John and Hannah’s children were born in Pickhill and the neighbouring village of Sinderby in North Yorkshire. And they were all baptised in the parish church of All Saints, Pickhill.

I discovered a little more about Pickhill for an earlier blogpost.

The Genuki website has a transcription of the 1823 Baine’s Directory page for Pickhill.

It shows that there were fourteen farmers in the parish. Proof, if any were needed, that most employment in the area was in agriculture.

There were two seedsmen, three shoemakers and three tailors working in Pickhill in 1823. Plus a carpenter, a bricklayer, a wheelwright, two blacksmiths and three publicans.

The publicans ran “The Star”, “The Nag’s Head” and “The Fox and Hounds” respectively.

“The Nag’s Head” is still open and offers B&B plus a Cantonese restaurant.

The Nag’s Head
Formerly The Fox and Hounds

Although John and Hannah Buckle lived in Pickhill / Sinderby for the whole of their lives, several of their children moved away from the locality and their stories make for fascinating reading.