Before I start recording the next generation of The Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston I think a summary of the 18th century Buckles might be a good idea.

Christopher Buckle born in 1712

I can confidently trace my ancestors back to a Christopher Buckle born in 1746 and I’m reasonably confident that his father was Christopher Buckle born in 1712. Certainly several Ancestry family trees include this connection. But I can’t nail a document to make this a 100% certainty.

However given the small population of the area and the fact that Christopher was married to Margaret Cook at Pickhill, I’m going to hang on to him as my great, great, great, great, great grandfather!

Christopher Buckle was baptised on September 23rd 1712 at the parish church of St John the Baptist in Adel.

Adel is thirty five miles south of Pickhill and I think there’s a reasonably strong chance that this is my ancestor. In which case his father was Henry Buckle. But there isn’t really any evidence to make this a definite connection so I’m not going any further back on this branch of the family tree.

And that’s all I know about the early life of Great X 5 Grandfather Buckle.

Margaret Cook born in 1713

My 5 X great Grandmother, Margaret Cook was born in Pickhill in 1713.

She was baptised at the parish church on 13th August 1713. Her father was John Cook.

And that’s all I know about her early life until her marriage to Christopher Buckle in 1737.

The parish register records the marriage on 20th April, 1737.

In due course, Christopher and Margaret had two children:

Mary Buckle baptised in the parish church on 11th April 1739


Christopher Buckle baptised on 15th February 1746.

Whether or not Christopher and Margaret lived happily ever after, I don’t know. Sources of further information don’t appear to be available.

Christopher Buckle born 1746

The Pickhill parish records show that my 4X great grandfather, Christopher Buckle, was baptised on February 15th 1746. His father was Christopher Buckle who lived at Sinderby, a small village in the Pickhill parish. Sinderby is just over a mile from Pickhill. Christopher’s mother was Margaret Buckle (Cook).

I haven’t been able to find out anything about Christopher until 1772 when he married Dorothy Binham. And here’s something!

The banns of marriage were signed by both Christopher and his intended with a cross. They made their mark. They were illiterate.

And both Christopher and his fiancée lived in Wath about five miles south of Pickhill.

In 1772 it would have been straightforward to drive to Wath from Pickhill. Now it might be a bit more tricky as the A1 motorway section has been built between the two villages.

My 4X Great Gran Dorothy Binham

Apart from her marriage to my 4X Great Grandfather (Christopher Buckle) in 1772, I’ve been unable to find out anything more about the early life of Dorothy Binham.

There’s a record on Find My Past of a Dorothy Buckle who died in 1799 in Topcliffe. That’s only 7 miles away from Wath where Christopher and Dorothy were married.

If this is my 4X Great Grandma’s burial record, her birth year is given as 1752 but I’m not certain about that.

However, on 14th December 1772, Dorothy Binham and Christopher Buckle were married in the parish church of St Mary in the village of Wath.

Christopher and Dorothy had their first child soon after their marriage and he was named Christopher too. Unfortunately he died in 1774 and was buried in the churchyard at St Mary’s on 14th March 1774.

Christopher and Dorothy had several other children.

Christopher Buckle 1775 – 1834

A second son was born soon after the death of Christopher. He too was named Christopher.

The record of Christopher’s birth in 1775 doesn’t identify the church where he was baptised. But all his eight siblings were baptised at St Mary’s, Wath, Yorkshire, so I think it’s a safe bet that he was too.

There’s a record on Find My Past for the burial of a Christopher Buckle in the parish church at Well which is in the vicinity of Wath and Pickhill. There’s a degree of probability that this could be an accurate record for Christopher. If so, his date of burial was 7th September 1834 which makes him about fifty nine years old when he died.

Elizabeth Buckle born 1777

Elizabeth Buckle was the oldest daughter of my 4X great grandparents, Christopher and Dorothy Buckle.

Born in Wath, North Yorkshire and baptised in the parish church on 28th September 1777, Elizabeth is a family history challenge.

Wath is a small village as are the neighbouring villages of Well, Pickhill etc. You wouldn’t expect to find records for so many Elizabeth Buckles as there are in this small area.

For example, there’s a burial record for an Elizabeth Buckle who died in Well in 1809.

And a different Elizabeth Buckle who died in Well in 1816.

And another Elizabeth Buckle who died in Well in 1834.

And then there’s an Elizabeth Buckle who married Robert Hobart in 1795 in the village of Kirklington, another small village in the vicinity. This is definitely a Family History brick wall!

Dorothy Buckle 1780 – 1830

Christopher and Dorothy’s second daughter, Dorothy Buckle, was born on January 28th 1780 and baptised in the parish church at Wath, North Yorkshire on January 29th.

Dorothy died aged fifty years in 1830. Her burial record indicates that she lived in the village of Melmerby which was part of the parish of Wath where she’d been born. Dorothy appears to have stayed close to home throughout her life.

She was buried on March 2nd 1830 and maybe the daffodils were in flower on the day she was laid to rest.

Margaret Buckle 1782 – 1802

Margaret was born on 23rd September 1782 and baptised four days later at St Mary’s.

Unfortunately, Margaret died in 1802 and was buried in the Wath churchyard on 17th January 1802.

William Buckle 1784 – 1785

William was born on 2nd December 1784. He wasn’t baptised until 1st March 1785. This was just before he died so presumably he’d been too ill since birth to be taken to church. William was buried in St Mary’s churchyard on 2nd March 1785.

Mary Buckle 1786 – 1803

Mary was baptised in the parish church on 6th March 1786. Unfortunately she died in 1803 and was buried in the churchyard at St Mary’s on 4th September 1803.

John Buckle born 1789

John Buckle was baptised on 3rd January 1789 at St Mary’s.

John is my 3X Great Grandfather.

John met Hannah Dobby who lived in the neighbouring village of Well. They were married on 25th November 1811 in the parish church at Well.

By the time of the birth of their first child in 1813, John and Hannah had moved to live in Pickhill just a few miles away from both Wath and Well.

John and Hannah had eight children: three boys and five girls. All their children were born in Pickhill and the neighbouring village of Sinderby which was part of the Pickhill parish.

My 3X Great Grandfather, John Buckle, died in 1836. He was buried in the churchyard of All Saints church, Pickhill on 10th August 1836.

Anne Buckle born 1791

Anne Buckle was the youngest of my 4X Great Grandparents’ children. She was baptised at St Mary’s on 29th May 1791 and that’s all I’ve been able to find out about her.

Hannah Dobby 1787 – 1841

Hannah Dobby, my 3X great grandmother, was married to John Buckle in 1811. The marriage took place in the parish church of Well in North Yorkshire just a couple of miles from the village of Wath where John lived.

Hannah was born in Well and baptised at the parish church on 9th January 1787. Her father (and my 4X great grandfather) was John Dobby.

Hannah and John were married in St Michael’s parish church, Well on 25th November 1811.

Hannah and John had eight children – three boys and five girls. All their children were baptised in the parish of Pickhill although some of them were born in the neighbouring village of Sinderby.

After husband John’s death, Hannah continued to live at Sinderby and she is recorded on the 1841 census as being the head of her household and a widow. She also had the care of her grandson, John Buckle, who was about three years old at the time.

Later that year, my 3X Great Grandmother, Hannah Buckle, also died. She was buried in the churchyard at All Saints, Pickhill on 26 December 1841.

The story of the Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston continues with the next generation.