William Buckle 1813 – 1895 is my great, great grandfather’s older brother.

William’s parents were John and Hannah Buckle of Sinderby and Pickhill in North Yorkshire.

William was baptised in the parish church of Pickhill on 17 January 1813.

William is recorded on the 1841 census.

The record shows that William was married to Jane and had a son, Thomas, aged about one year old. William and his family lived in the village of Carlton Miniott where William was employed as an agricultural labourer. Carlton Miniott is about five miles from Pickhill.

William was married to Jane Armin on 2nd December 1837 at the parish church of St Columba’s in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire. (Topcliffe is about eight miles from Pickhill).

Jane Armin 1815 – 1874

Jane’s parents were Thomas and Ann Armin. They lived in South Kilvington which is about ten miles from Pickhill. Thomas worked as a blacksmith.

When the marriage was registered, both William and Jane made their mark in the parish register.

Although William’s father was recorded on the marriage certificate he’d already died in 1836. William’s mother died a few years later in 1841.

And then something amazing happened!

Up to this point William and Jane’s lives had been experienced in a couple of villages in a radius of about ten miles. And their families before them had lived in either the same villages or a few others situated within a few miles.

In 1842 William, Jane and Thomas emigrated to Australia.

They sailed on a ship named The Royal Saxon and landed in Tasmania on 22nd November 1842.

Now you might think that this is a bit of a tall story but if you look at the Australian Find a Grave website you’ll see that William Buckle of North Yorkshire born in 1813 is buried in the Heywood Cemetery, Glenelg Shire, Victoria, Australia. And the memorial states that William first arrived in Tasmania in 1842 and then moved to Victoria around 1845. In 1851 he took up the pastoral run called “Rifle Ranges” in Digby and in 1857 opened the “Digby Hotel”.

The website for the Glenelg & Wannon Settlers & Settlement Portland Bay District, South-West Victoria, Australia has the full story which you can read here. It’s a fantastic account of what happened to William, Jane and Thomas. And there’s more information about the history of the “Digby Hotel here.

And an official history can be found here.

So it’s official! My ancestors, William, Jane and Thomas Buckle emigrated to Australia in 1842.

William and Jane had three more children after Thomas (who died in 1924).

Jane 1844 – 1918

Hannah 1846 – 1924

George 1850 – 1858

William born in 1852

They also had three children who died in infancy including John Buckle who was born and died while they were at sea on the “Royal Saxon”.

Jane died in 1874 and her Find a Grave record is here.

It’s almost 11,000 miles from Pickhill in North Yorkshire to Tasmania. I don’t know how many weeks it would have taken for The Royal Saxon to get from the UK to Tasmania but I once read an account of the journey from Sri Lanka to the UK in 1818 and that took five months.

It’s quite staggering to think that an ancestor of mine was so brave as to undertake the journey and start a new life on the other side of the world. And fantastic to have found the story.