The End of the Line

The Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston and other Family History Stories


The End of the Line A Family History of the Buckles of Pickhill, Harthill and Royston

  • Mary Buckle 1817 – 1891

    September 3, 2019 by

    Mary Buckle is my great, great grandfather’s second oldest sister. She was born in 1817 in the village of Sinderby, North Yorkshire which is part of the parish of Pickhill. Mary was baptised in Pickhill parish church on 15th June 1817. In 1838, Mary gave birth to a son, John who was baptised in the… Read more

  • Hannah Buckle 1815 – 1833

    September 1, 2019 by

    My great, great grandfather’s oldest sister was Hannah Buckle. She was born in 1815 and baptised at the parish church of Pickhill, North Yorkshire on 30th April 1815. Hannah’s parents were John and Hannah Buckle. Hannah died in 1833 and was buried in the Pickhill churchyard on September 4th 1833.

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